The Academy

Our Mission

The Academy Concept

Our player development program comes from our experience and our success that is already proven! For the last 10+ years our group has accomplished a tremendous amount, from winning championships, setting records and winning prestigious yearly coaching awards, sending players to top level two-year & four-year schools across all spectrums, and getting players drafted & signed professionally on an astounding scale. In 2023 alone our program produced the minor league player of the year in both the Texas Rangers and Milwaukee Brewers organizations, with multiple players in AA and AAA and all across lower levels of minor league baseball, while more than that we have an Army Ranger, multiple medical care providers, accountants, teachers, professional coaches and scouts, law enforcement officers, community leaders and many more. We give rise to productive members of society, we encourage those in our program to be stewards of the game and stewards for their families, we raise great sons, grandsons, siblings, cousins and future fathers. We do that through maintained structure, a foundational knowledge of the game of baseball, technical & physical training, and most importantly, accountability to our short and long term goals.

Our team has spent the past 15 years planting the seeds across college baseball and into high levels of college and professional baseball, as well as each and every community we have served in. Our team has been loyal to one another and stuck together through our individual and collective journeys. The goal for us on a daily scale has been exactly the same as it was when we first began, get better today. That will remain the staple of our program and we are fortunate enough to have the technical ability, the foundational awareness and the network of the entire baseball landscape at our fingertips, because we are also very skilled in what we do!

If you want the absolute best in true player development, you want to be a part of The Academy

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